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Step 4: What resources are available?

With a plan in-hand and goals set, you can take advantage of tools and resources available, including getting help from your networks (your professional and personal colleagues) in uncovering new opportunities and expanding your connections. Now is the time to reach out and begin exploring open job positions. Your leader (manager or supervisor) can support your progress and may be a great source of additional resources and connections.

Talk to Your Leader

When you’re looking for resources to help you plan your career and achieve your goals, be sure to talk to your leader. Having an open conversation about your professional goals and plans can have a significant impact on your progress.

Do this:

Tools & Resources

Use Your Network

As you move forward, you’ll need to connect with people who can help you. A network of personal and professional colleagues can introduce you to new people, provide useful information, offer opportunities to explore new fields, and inform you about available jobs. Networking is a valuable tool in your career planning process.

Do this:

  • Create or update your LinkedIn profile.
  • Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about your goals.
  • Ask for informational interviews to learn more about positions or fields you’re interested in. Learn more about informational interviews below.

Go further

Think you don’t have a network? Try this exercise:

  • Take 60 seconds and write down the names of people you know, and who you might go to for help or advice. Friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances—anyone is fair game and no one should be left out.
  • Your list probably started with people close to you and then expanded outward. The good news is all of those people also have a network that you can tap into. Each one of them may have connections to the job or field you’re interested in.

Do you struggle with networking?

Networking doesn’t come naturally to many people, but it is a skill you can learn with practice. Use the tips in the networking checklist to connect with others, build your network, and keep pursuing your goals.

Tools & Resources

Networking checklist

Build Your Network with LinkedIn

  • Use photos in your profile
  • Personalize your connection requests
  • Set connection goals for each month, either by number or by type

Informational Interviewing

Informational interviewing is not a job interview. It’s an opportunity to learn about a field, position, or employer from someone with experience. It’s also an opportunity to get career advice and to expand your network. Overall, it is an excellent way to get helpful first-hand information for your career planning.

How to Stay Motivated

Career planning is a worthwhile process, but it can be challenging. Staying motivated is vital to your progress and ultimate success. Read these articles for tips on staying motivated while pursuing your career goals.